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The name of “Mandom” has been a benchmark for Tancho Corporation as a 1970s primary manufacturer and distributor of hair care, skin care, perfumes, and deodorants in Japan and Asia.

The company was founded in 1927 by Shinpachiro Nishimura under the name Kintsuru Perfume Corporation (金鶴香水株式会社) in Osaka, Japan. 

By 1959, following its success with a pomade product called “Tancho Stick”, the corporation change its name to Tancho Corporation.
Tancho's efforts with expanding outside Japan was further boosted in 1970 when the company launched a new line of highly successful men's care products, called Mandom, which took its name from a combination of the words "Human" and "Freedom". An innovative advertising campaign featuring Charles Bronson became the first of a long series of Japanese ads to feature top Hollywood stars.

 Cover of Mandom Soundtrack - Property of Mandom Corporation -

In 1970, Charles Bronson had become a big star in Japan through the film “Once Upon A Time In The West” and was viewed as the quite essential “Western Man”. Bronson agreed to star in a television ads for “Mandom”. For four days work Bronson received $100,000, which was more than he had received for the iconic roles in “The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape” put together.

 Poster of "Once Upon A Time In The West"
- Property of Paramount Pictures -

 Charles Bronson in Mandom Poster - Property of Mandom Corporation -

The ads theme was performed in English and Japanese version. The Japanese version as the original version titled as "Otoko no Sekai" (男の世界, lit. "The World of the Man") written by Hisao Tagi and Shuici Kurai.  It was performed by Takahiro Saito, a Japanese famous country singer.

 Takahiro Saito in 1970s

The English version titled as "The Lovers of the World" written by Howard Maurer and Mat Maurer. The version was performed by Jerry Wallace, an American country and pop singer. The song had become his biggest selling single that was released in Japan only as marketing campaign of "Mandom".

Jerry Wallace in 1970s

 Within weeks of airing the ads “Mandom” had become the top selling male toiletry products in the whole of Japan and then expanded throughout Asia.

Following with Mandom’s success, Tancho then changed its name again, to Mandom Corporation, in 1971. The corporation had success to create and launch their new flagship brand, “Gatsby” in 1976 as the continuity of Tancho’s legacy.

                           Mandom Corp Logo - Property of Mandom Corporation -

Gatsby Logo - Property of Mandom Corporation -


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